Our prjects

We focus A restless gospel work using available resources currently

our projects are to awake people for the kingdom of god 

our Prime Projects


Christian Population in India With one Million more Believers in 20 years


Establish and maintain Christian Television Network in every state of India


Our other projects


1. Start and maintain powerful Children ministry

2. Donate cloths among poor and needy

3. Start and maintain primary schools wherever no schools 

4. Awareness programs against all antisocial elements   

5. Woman empowerment Programs 

6. Save our Earth Program, An Eco-friendly living style

7. Campaign against drugs and alcohol. 

8. Street meeting proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus

9. Equip this generation for the preparing of a next generation

10. Bring forth Christian leaders with good quality


Christian Population in India With 1 Million believers in 20 years

Our Goals: 

1. Connect 100 Churches In Each Area to Pray for Unity, Revival and Missions

2. Support 10 Local Church Planters for Each Area.

3. Build 1 House of Prayer for Unity, Revival and Missions in Each Area

4. Prepare 30 Intercessors for Every House of Prayer

5. Send Out 2 Cross-Cultural Workers from Each Area

6. Provide 30 Leaders from Each Area to Attend Annual Missions and Revival Conference

7. Build Up 1 Mission Mobilization & Evangelistic Team for Each Area

8. Develop 5 Prayer Facebook Groups in Each Area With 500 Members for Each Group

9. Mobilize Missions to Every Age Group and Every Church Department

10. Provide and Support 1 Church Planter from Each Church

shaking God! Shaking Nation

It is a network whose aim is to see children equipped and ready to carry and release God’s love and goodness in their communities and in the nation.

We achieve this by inspiring children and their leaders through our teaching series, practical ideas, launch days, and mission opportunities.

We believe that children play an important part in God’s Kingdom and can:

> Hear from God

> Pray powerful prayers which reflect His heart know His thoughts for the people they meet

> Communicate those thoughts in ways that speak to people right ‘where they’re at’

>We may broadcast the performances of our TV Club members once in a week, regularly

Children TV Club is always an action-packed, fun-filled, God-encountering time.

Sharon TV India
sharon VISION






States of India


Baptism in every week


Here we introduce our officials with volunteer service

Pastor Johnson Joseph

Rev. Johnson Joseph, Man of God, Good preacher of Gospel and a best leader is a part of Sharon TV since 2014, lives in Ernakulam, Kerala, India

Brother Ramachandran V

Brother Ramachandran V, Man of God, working as an Evangelist in Kerala, is a part of Sharon TV since 2014

Pastor Vijayakumar

Pr. Vijayakumar, a man of God with talents, organizer, Bible Teacher in Hindi language, is a part of Sharon TV

Pastor Roy Daniel Rajasthan

Rev. Roy Daniel, a Man of God, Social worker among poor, and an Orator is a part of Sharon TV since 2018, lives in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India